I look for mediums and formats of expression

that can touch and affect.

I use movement, writing and other visual forms on the quest

of opening dialogues and

color the blurry borders of meaning

between intimate and public realms.


I was born in Santiago, I am currently based in Berlin.

Studied contemporary dance at The Place, London after short dives inside BAs on Fine Arts and Architecture. Today I undertake an MA Bühnenbild Szenischer Raum M.A.at 

the Technische Universität Berlin.

As performer, I am collaborating since 2015 with United-C (NL). As well, I have been involved in the works of Bodytalk (GER),Sandra Man & Moritz Majce (GER), Protein Dance (UK), Public in Private/Clement Layes (GER), Annelie Andre (GER), Esther Siddique (GER), Bibiana Jimenez (GER), Rick Nodine (UK), Carolyn Deby (UK), Jose Vidal&Cia (CH), Anders Duckworth (UK), Fionn Cox Davies (UK), among others

Regarding my visual practice, I work mainly with tufted textiles, drawing and printmaking.


 textiles, prints, drawings and photos are available for sale, just drop me an email for inquiries about the artwork

also for potential collaborations inside the performing fiels!