I look for mediums and formats of expression

that can touch and affect.

I use movement, writing and other visual forms on the quest

of opening dialogues and

color the blurry borders of meaning

between intimate and public realms.


I was born in Santiago, I am currently based in Berlin.

Studied contemporary dance at The Place, London after short dives inside BAs on Fine Arts and Architecture. Today I undertake an MA Bühnenbild Szenischer Raum M.A.at 

the Technische Universität Berlin.

As performer, I am collaborating since 2015 with United-C (NL). As well, I have been involved in the works of Bodytalk (GER),Sandra Man & Moritz Majce (GER), Protein Dance (UK), Public in Private/Clement Layes (GER), Annelie Andre (GER), Esther Siddique (GER), Bibiana Jimenez (GER), Rick Nodine (UK), Carolyn Deby (UK), Jose Vidal&Cia (CH), Anders Duckworth (UK), Fionn Cox Davies (UK), among others

Regarding my visual practice, I work mainly with tufted textiles, drawing and printmaking.


NO KNOT, KITKAT CLUB / Salon Rouge,  Berlin - solo show / 2024

Unknotted, KSTN and ESSAY project Raum, Berlin - solo show / 2023

Crossing Borders, Art Kreuzberg, Berlin / 2023

Year End, Lite-Haus, Berlin / 2023

Art and Nature, Marsano Vintage and Rosenbaum Advisory, Berlin / 2023

SUD ACA, HAF, Barcelona/ 2023

HAAM, Art Fair, Hamburg / 2023

UNTANGLED, Tic Tac Art Center, Brussels -solo show / 2023

Vertebras, Estudio Abierto, Oaxaca / 2023


 textiles, prints, drawings and photos are available for sale, just drop me an email for inquiries about the artwork

also for potential collaborations inside the performing fiels!